The Grand Knight names the Program Director. Following consultation with the program director, the grand knight appoints individual service directors for Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth and Pro-Life. Meetings are held for directors to discuss and plan programming for fraternal year. These programs correspond to line items of the Council Budget. Each service director will appoint activity event chairman.

Service Programs


Ministering to The Needs of The Church

The lay apostolate must respond to the constant call for active involvement in the work of the Church.

Parish Round Table Lay Apostolate Evangelization
Father Michael J. McGivney Vocations Parochial Services
Religious Devotions Keep Christ in Christmas


Shaping the World Around Us

Wherever we live we have our own perceptions of “community”.  It is the place we call home – with all it’s good and bad features.  Your community offers limitless opportunity for action that can be seen, felt and judged for it’s true worth.

Volunteerism Human Needs Civic Involvement
Environment Public Safety Decency
Honor Columbus


Entertaining, Enjoyable and Beneficial

Programs and activities that come under the council activities section are unlimited – golfing, softball, tennis, bowling, holiday dances, picnics, open houses, - all the events that are an important part of fraternal life.

Public Relations Fraternalism Cultural
Social Blood Donors Athletics


Strengthening Family Life

Today’s society makes it hard to be a family. The family is under heavy attack today. To survive, the family needs support. Its primary source of strength must be found in a growing religious and parish life. But it also can be helped substantially by an organization such as ours.

Family Programs Education Communications
Recreation Survivors’ Assistance
Memorials Family of The Month/Year


Defending the Sanctity of Life

Every life is sacred, from the moment of conception til natural death. As Knights of Columbus, we are called to defend the dignity of each human being at every stage and work together in building a culture of life and a civilization of love.

Baby Bottle Campaign Diaper Drive Day of the Unborn Child
March For Life Ultrasound Initiative Culture of Life Fund


Building Leaders for the Future

Today’s youth are looking for a challenge, for responsibility , for faith and trust. As Knights of Columbus, it is our responsibility to provide youth with the means and the opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times.

Religious Activities Youth Groups Athletics
Educational Programs Youth Welfare
Social Activities